French course online for beginners

Français pour débutants – French for beginners – Französisch für Anfänger- Francese per principianti – Frances para principiantes – Французский для начинающих – Французька для початківців – Fransk for begyndere – Frans voor beginners – Franska för nybörjare

French Learning is a free online course for beginners. It is meant to help you through your first steps in French. Don’t worry, it can be fast, good fun! Moreover, if you decide to book later an intensive course, it’s always better to know the basics of the language (vocabulary, grammar, simple tenses, questions, negative form).
At least, during breaks, you can speak a little bit with people who may already have different levels. This is what we aim at with the 10 lessons we are offering. It will help you feel more comfortable, grasp the very few things to start a pleasant French journey using French Learning.

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